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The Poké Me brand is renowned for redefining the traditional Hawaiian Poké bowl, fusing unique Japanese flavours and fresh ingredients to create thousands of delicious combinations.

Poké Me is fresh

Quick food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. We are actively challenging the way that people think about food. We value fresh: It’s all about the ingredients. Fresh, local produce prepared in-store and made to order right in front of your eyes.

Poké Me is sustainable & responsible
We want our customers to feel good in the knowledge that 100% of our ingredients and packaging are produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our fish is sustainably caught and responsibly sourced ensuring that only the best quality protein is delivered straight to your bowl. Even your bowl is ethical - made from recycled materials and kind to the environment.

Poké Me feels finesse
We value finesse: It’s the Japanese element of Poké Me, respect the ingredients and pay attention to every detail. The cutting of the fish, presentation, and the customer experience, are all to a level that elevates us from the rest, resulting in unparalleled service and customer retention.

Poké Me is faster than fast

We value fast: It’s not fast food; it’s about getting hungry customers fed, the fresh way! We source and prepare only the freshest ingredients and create an experience where our consumers can pick what they want, and get what they want fast.


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